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As we continue to install VOIP PBX systems one of the interesting things that we have noticed is that many customers have purchased unlicensed VOIP Asterisk system.  We have noticed there are no easy upgrade paths for these customers.  What seems to be happening with these unlicensed system is that when a new version of the software comes out, the customers have to reinstall the desktop software.   This means lots of maintenance issues for the customers that want to run the newest software versions,  for new features the customers want.

So as you go to look for VOIP Service Providers and Indiana PBX providers make sure you understand how they are going to upgrade the system without you have to touch every desktop.  Also make sure they have Off Site Data Backup Service for this system and a good Disaster Recovery plan.

Many of these providers are not CLEC's so they can't help you with disaster recovery options for your dial tone.

Just some food for thought.

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