Off Site Data Backup Service

Almost every meeting I attend people talk about Off Site Data Backup Service.  This service needs to be part of your Data Disaster Recovery Plan.  Most customer need to add to their plan and put in a robust regular testing procedure to go along with their Off Site Data Backup Service.  We have found that most people backup their data and some even backup their data off site, but never successfully try to recover from it. 

If they are successfully with backup and restoring their data they don't consider how to restore their applications as well as their data.  Making sure you have the complete solution for Off Site Data Backup Service is critical.  There is so much more than just backup your data and recovery from it.  This is a great step, but also having a devices(servers) to recover your data to is just as important.  Also having a location(office or data center) to work out of and recover too is also important.

These are just a few things to think about when doing Off Site Data Backup Service.

Regards - jack carr

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